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Super Weird Dream I Had Last Night
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Author:  Cy4nIsN0tB1u3 [ Sun Oct 02, 2022 11:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Super Weird Dream I Had Last Night

I was watching some kind of cutscene in my house's dining hall. It was a congregation of lycanthropes [Think werewolves]. Uh, Homestar Runner was there too, and he was a were-coyote. Then like in a video game, I controlled Homestar and my goal was to fight a single blue vampire who was there. I bit him in the neck a few times but he kept biting back! I threw up against the pillar in the dining room and he called me an "intelligent jackal" and then I beat him up. Then we go to the next cutscene, where Homestar is crouching over the vampire who is now outside and on the ground with track marks as if he was rolling really hard on the dirt for some reason. Looks like the budget in my dream ran out, because in this segment, Homestar looked like a crappy MS Paint drawing. That's the end of it.

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