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'08 Elections!!!
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Author:  StrongRad [ Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: '08 Elections!!!

furrykef wrote:
The painting of the black Viking didn't bother me. It's really the one-way-ness of it that bothered me. You can make white people black, but not black people white. It's a double standard.

Can a white guy from South Africa move to America and call himself an African American? I mean, if he's born in Africa, he's African more African than someone who's ancestors came here a couple hundred years back, right?

I don't get the stink about telecom immunity. If anything, I think the companies should be immune from prosecution or lawsuit for doing what they were told to do by the government.

Do I think the wiretaps without warrants were great? Did they have me dancing in the streets? No.
Do I think they're necessary? It's possible. I don't work in intelligence, so who am I to tell them how to do their job? If time warranted (and it might have), I would have rather seen the wiretaps done legally.

I like the new "spy" bill. There are those in Obama's party criticizing him for voting for it, but by putting stuff into writing, it SHOULD limit the powers of "the government".

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