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Author:  Cy4nIsN0tB1u3 [ Mon May 22, 2023 11:56 am ]
Post subject:  SBemail Dream W00t

I dreamed about a new Strong Bad email coming out! I was watching it on YouTube because it's the modern age, here's what it was about. It was asking Strong Bad about number slang like how "143" means "I love you" or "153" means "I adore you". It was sent by someone called "IDOT [Ignacio]". Yes, IDOT, not idiot. Then Strong Bad goes: "Oh... Ignacio" in a sultry tone for some reason as if he was talking to a lady-type... Sorry, Strong Bad but Ignacio is a male name, so dream person IDOT there was probably intended to be a guy. Anyways, then there's a scene with Strong Mad and he holds up some weird egg thing. It's just some misshapen candy egg inside of an actual eggshell still filled with yolk, eugh! He then says something [probably about the egg-thing] but I forgot. Then the weird egg thing appears in my house. Then other non-SBemail hijinks ensue that nobody here would care about.

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