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 Post subject: THE MANAHIKIS - Chapter 1
PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 1:45 am 
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I might not have all the facts checked out on this, but cut me some slack :-D
Our arrival on the coast of Grahnai

A glance out the window gave sight to an open view, a glance into the world outside the plane the group of missionaries traveled in, holding their crosses, praying with their bibles, reading over special passages they thought would blow away this small, untouched tribe. They were told by their pilot, that these people were referred to as 'The Manahikis', such as one of those old fashioned tribes that still danced with fire, only wore leaves and small flowers, and sacrificed animals to their gods, and the crowd of 16 was ready to make Jesus Christ one of them.

The small group of christians packed their bags and readied for landing, one of them, Mrs. Paresh, the joyful and positive middle-aged one, was just finished giddily playing songs, and had to stop midway with 'Kumbaya', but vowed to play again. The plane stuck out its wheels, it lowered and lowered until it finally started drifiting onto the runway the tribe had made of cheap cardboard they found washed up on shore, as it started to crumble beneath the wheels, the group prayed for a safe landing, but the plane simply shook a bit before finally coming to a safe halt, the missionaries had landed.

Mrs. Paresh, around 48 years old, she runs a sewing store down in the suburb of her state, but she is truly devoted more to the church than to the fluffy wool of the El Paca that she sews with.
John Kessler, a car insurance salesman, the average working joe, it's merely work to eat, eat to sleep, and sleep to work, all in an ongoing cycle, and what may be the only reason he is in the position he is, is to impress his significant other, not be seen as a slob, get some recgognition.
Franklin Craig, there is potential in this man in his older teen years, before going to college, his big dream is to become a lawyer, fight for what is right in his eyes, for what is holy.
Ruth Nash, young and in love, so much to the point that it might be sickly, how everything always turns out okay for her and her lover is the thing everyone envies.
Brandon Bailey, Ruth's other, the mission to convert the tribe will serve as scenery for his engagement to her, he hopes to his god that everything turns out okay with him and Ruth.
Meredith Raynes, the elder of the group, leading the way for these 16 individuals, willing to see that the encounter with the tribe goes well, but also willing to get everyone out of danger at any cost, fraile, but still has the spirit to trudge through the swamps of the island.
Juan Garcia, the first convert the church has done was on him, he is 12 years old, and although he misses his home in the south side of the border, he is going to give his heart to making sure these people are introduced to the wonderful world of religion.
Timothy Barr, very pious, completely depended on who he believes to be 'The almighty lord', and believes he makes things happen for a reason, he has total faith that the hgher power will sort out problems.
Crow, often referred to the others as 'The Mysterious Man', he is silent, he keeps to himself, prefers the shade, and works alone.
Amber Gibbs, single woman, lived the night scene, but hoping to get her life back into order, she believes the missionaries will help her have a sober life again, abstaining from alcohol, parties, and the occasional robbery.
Parker Moss, ex-felon, drafted into this group, the public officials believes this will help to shape his behavior for the better, this program is meant to change him of his ways, fresh out of jail, he still is out for only himself.
Leslie Davis, a graduate, had no social life that she lived really, more devoted to her studies, quiet, but always willing to be the brain of the group when needed.
Samantha Baltimore, a tough one, keeps away from human contact, and brings most of the muscle to the group, she is the force to be reckoned with.
Kirk Larson, an artistic soul, a poet, slightly depressed, wears a black beret and always tends to focus on the more sad aspects of the crew's journey rather than the triumphs.
Nathan Grant, forced by relatives, Nathan does not abide at all by the religion, he is more rebllious than any other of the missionaries, he wishes to question, to trust no one and consider everything a conspiracy.
Sparky, the less human of the group, the dog that Mr. Barr owns, that swears he barked once the verse to Matthew 2:17, nonetheless he is a dog as any dog would be, faithful to their owners, and biting any leg that came their way.

The tribal elders quickly surrounded the groub, chanting in their tongues, dacning around a bonfire, chewing on the suckling and roasting pig. The chief of the tribe welcomed the christians with open arms, hoping that they would soon see that there must be a tolerance for all views of religion, but was still willing to view along with his fellow manahiki, and learn about christianity.

"Welcome," said the Chief, new to english, trying to speak it as best as he could "arrivers to this land, land of the gods of earth, water, fire, and air, land of the ones who seek for deeper meaning of emotion, arrivers, bringing their religion to share. We appreciate your gift of your religion, but we must, how you americans say, abstain. We are a...what was that word you used in your message you sent to us?" he asked one of the crew.
"Polytheism." Meredith said with a raspy voice.
"Ah, yes, polytheism, and worship many, but they are unlike yours." said the chief.
"Yes, but you see, we're here to fulfill our duties, I'm sure that in time we can put all this silliness behind us and simply accept the idolism of only one, our beloved Christ." Timothy said with a dignified tone.

The Chief gave him a bewildered glance, had he not heard him? There was that tone of insisting a freedom to choose whatever religion, in the Chief's voice, but apparently, Timothy had ignored it, but the Chief was understanding, he tolerated it, and move on, introduced them to some of the tribal regulars. Later into the day, the group of missionaries ate the manahikian delicacies that were spread on the table, they all shared their opinions, Parker had sneakily taken some food off other people's plates, following in on the notion that he should have more, Juan taught the stories of his growing up with the religion, even Sparky had begged for some scraps.

The plane the missionaries had used to land onto the coast of Grahnai where the tribe had lived was slowly and steadily taking off, the crew, having their own sleeping arrangements with the tribe waved goodbye to the pilot, and knew that they had three weeks to convert as many as they could, at the end of 21 days, another plane would come back to pick them up. For now, the manhikis welcomed them with open arms, but prophecies the village phsycics had foretold, depicted the story of the tribe members soon growing angry at the missionaries, that they would turn violent, there was no worry however, they simply thought it was some messup in telling the future. Little did they know, phsycics never get it wrong, but as denial kept the christians on the island longer, the days passed by, the converting began...

To be continued...

There may be abit of controversy stirred up, but trust me, I do not intend to put religion in a bad light, I mean no offense, this is simply hiw the story flows along.

If I had posted during the time of COVID, COLA woulda called me worse than the virus.

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