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"Too Much of an Awesome Thing"-SBCG4AP Concept
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Author:  Strong Vader [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:07 am ]
Post subject:  "Too Much of an Awesome Thing"-SBCG4AP Concept

Hey guys, it's me, Strong Vader. I've decided to give my idea a go with an SBCG4AP concept, just like in the SBEmail and HREmails in "Email". This will be sort of a walkthrough of my idea for an SBDG4AP episode. Enjoy, and please leave feedback.

Dear Mr. Bad,
We have seen Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, and we would like to make it into a TV series. Please respond favorably.
Cheap as Free Productions
P.S. Mumble mumble mumble blah mumble mumble bubble de bubble double bubble.

Strong Bad reads it, getting more excited and agitated as he reads the E-Mail. Not reading the P.S., he rolls around the floor, ecstatic and yelling for joy.

You'll start in the Computer Room. A stolen Corpy NT6 is on the table, with the e-mail on it. Strong Bad's not-quite-BMW lighter is there. Pick it up. Go to Strong Sad's Room. Talk to him about the Dangeresque TV series. He'll tell you that you need a lawyer for copyright purposes, and that you'll need spinoff items. Asking him for help won't do anything, but burninating his sloshy poster should get you some Strong Sad abuse points. Go to the bathroom, and pick up the glue sitting on the sink.

Hey, you know the best lawyer that soft tacos can buy! The Cheat! At this point, the KoT's castle will appear on your map (or more accurately, his grill).

And that guy who sells dangerousesque crap for "kids" to play with: Bubs! His stand will also appear on your map.

There's nothing to make The Cheat's payment in the kitchen downstairs, but there's the Horrible Painting in the fridge, for some weird reason. Extend the LuxaLounger for a spinoff toy idea. Go to SB's room to get the Black Metal Detector and Shovel Attachment. Go to the basement. Pick up the head of lettuce from the dryer.

Head over to the King of Town's grill. The Cheat won't join you on your quest because you kicked him in the dryer earlier, and wants his pay in advance. Look under the cardboard box next the grill to get a Dangeresque 3 T-shirt (costume, not a spinoff idea).

To Be Continued

Author:  Strong Vader [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "Too Much of an Awesome Thing"-SBCG4AP Concept

Head over to Bubs's Stand. Talk to him about the Dangeresque TV series. Bubs will jump in, but only if you give him four spinoff ideas. Hand him the idea notecard you have-a plastic Nunchuck Gun. Use the Detector around the Conces5ion Stand to find what's either dirt, or ground beef.

Walk around the field. There's a cardboard box by The Stick, which has the idea notecard of Plastic Dangeresque Shades. The Brick Wall has a cardboard box in front of it. There's nothing in there, but when you burn it, there is, inexplicably, a manual page to Baddest of the Bands Tycoon, the Videlectrix videogame for this episode.

Head on down to Strong Badia. Using the Detector will reveal soft taco shells. Looking at the Strong Badia Sign will give you, for some reason, a bottle of Tabasco sauce. There will be a cardboard box just outside of Strong Badia. It will contain "Assorted Vegetables". Head back home.

Check the mailbox for another manual page. Go inside, and make four (or five, for awesomeness points) tacos in the kitchen (Taco shells->Counter; Ground Beef(?)->Taco shells; Lettuce->Ground Beef; Assorted Vegetables->Lettuce). These tacos will conveniently form a "Box of Four Tacos" in your inventory. In the final stage of one of them, use the Tabasco sauce on one of the (five) tacos. Give this one to Strong Sad for Strong Sad abuse points.

Head over to the KoT's grill, and hand The Cheat his *ahem* payment. The Cheat will eat the tacos, and gladly throw water bombs at Homestar, who will conveniently start selling Dangeresque TV series front of Strong Bad. All this action makes the KoT hungry (then again, what doesn't?) and he will come on out and attempt to start the grill. Help him out, with that lighter of yours. You're about to light the fire under the grill, but see a spinoff item idea-Craig Plush Dolls. Lighting the grill isn't important anymore, as the KoT just ate the wood for the grill while you found the spinoff item idea.

To Be Continued.

Author:  Strong Vader [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "Too Much of an Awesome Thing"-SBCG4AP Concept

Give Bubs the spinoff item ideas, and he'll happily make a factory nearby to make the items. Fade to black.

Fade in. Bubs is creating the toys at a breakneck pace, and better yet, they sell like and smell like hotcakes! Ask Bubs about free merchandise, and he'll give you a defective nunchuck gun. It doesn't fire the foam dart(s) that come with it, and the nunchucks are fused together.

Head back home. Use the defective nunchuck gun on Strong Sad for awesomeness points; the gun may not work, but he's allergic to hotcakes. Go to the Computer Room. Try to unplug the Corpy. For some reason, The Cheat's head explodes. Trying to unplug it again will make Strong Sad's head a splode (more awesomeness points). Use the Corpy to respond to that e-mail from Cheap as Free Productions, and Strong Bad will send a message that he has a copyright lawyer and a source of crappy spinoff items.

There is a cutscene, after which Strong Bad and the other cast members are in the Basement, awaiting the Dangeresque TV series. But, as certain clips show, it is TERRIBLE. Crack Stuntman plays Dangeresque. Renaldo has Fightgar's voice. Baron Darin Diamonocle wears glasses. There are a crap load more inaccuracies and terrible directing decisions.

But the worst part (all right, the second worst part) is that the fine print that SB forgot to read earlier gave Cheap as Free full control over all of the characters from the Dangeresque series, and will retain control for fifteen years. The worst part is that everyone else loves the show! Can this menace be stopped?

To Be Continued

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