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Author:  TwiceStyle [ Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Season 2...

So, this new game comes out and you guys are asking for season 2. Heck, I'd like one as well! I know we have other threads about this, but this is the one to let your thoughts shine. Don't make the description too long. Just give us the general plot, ideas, and characters.
We could even call this season 3 because of that other thread. I was thinking, There should be an episode where it doesn't move so slowly. :sb: should wake up, finding that :trogdor: has burninated his house, and that he's heading upward. The object is to save the girl, ( :marzi: ) from the clutches of :trogdor: and the unguraits. Atop a mountain, marzi is being held captive. Though :sb: doesn't give a care about her, he rushes to save her with the gang, except Bubs, who builds a flying machine - and pick up gold bowls along the way. We'd give this episode a first-person shooter theme, for the dangerous parts. Instead of just clicking to make things happen, you'd have to use strategy and skill and jump across flaming lava pits. If you have any ideas, make sure to include them below!

Author:  macisbetter [ Wed May 04, 2011 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Season 2...

With all due respect, the point of a point-and-click style game is to not be able to die. The only game of that style that I have heard of that you can die in is "Tomb of Sammun-Mak" from Sam and Max: the Devil's Playhouse, and that was more in the style of a playable movie where the characters aren't supposed to die, and the protagonists of the series rewind the movie with the death.
The point-and click adventure game style also focuses on story more than anything else. TTG has been getting really good at their cliffhangers, looking at their recent games. Maybe their next season of SBCG4AP could be a five-part or six-part story, perhaps getting rid of :trogdor:.

Some of the following is what I want, some of it I don't want.
Episode 1: The problem - Strong Bad tries to spread the word about their little dragon problem to everyone, who were video game NPCs that couldn't think properly in 8-Bit Is Enough. Once the problem is recognized, Strong Bad and Marzipan fight over how to solve it(death/banishment for :sb: , befriending/domestication for Marzipan)
Episode 2: Election - the citizens of Free Country, USA decide to have a vote over whose idea they would try and the entire game is :sb: debating against and/or sabotaging Marzipan. Marzipan wins the election despite :sb: 's actions, :sb: has to get at least three to change their vote. By the end of the game, :sb: is the leader of a committee in charge of getting rid of :trogdor: .
Episode 3: the plan - :sb: has to come up with an exact plan to defeat :trogdor: but he doesn't have any ideas... yet. He decides to get organized and needs to convince :bubs: as the finance manager and :pom: as a scout to spy on the dragon-man's habits. :sad: naturally rebels and at the end of the episode we see him at a library looking up how to summon the "the 's' is for sucks" dragon.
Episode 4: why does Trogdor have to be so awesome? - Strong bad tries three plans with no success - one of them involves using the cheat as dragon bait. Marzipan decides to protest the unsuccessful measures that :sb: took and decides to prevent his fourth plan - the one that would succeed - from happening correctly. In the end, the "the s is for sucks" dragon and Wormdingler show up, the former in the sky and the latter under the bridge, lead by :sad: .
Episode 5: The Story of Two Brothers :sad: leads a fight to kill Trogdor, and Strong Bad wants to save him because it is :sad: that is doing the work stuff. He has render the other two dragons useless somehow, but when Trogdor is finally the last one standing, :sad: summons his dragon, steals the compé, and takes over :kot: 's castle. :sb: befreinds :trogdor: and the two go and storm the castle. The end battle is epic, with both Trogdor and Strong Sad's dragon being banished by Strong Sad into an alternate dimension.
BONUS(playable only if you pre-order the season) Episode 6:BONUS! :sb: decides to go back to sleep, and you get to play as :sm: . :sm: wants to make claymation, but his camera was confinscated by :sb:. He finds out where it is with :cheatgrin: 's help, and goes to the gymnasium, where :kot: and :poop: are using it to take photos of the rare :ehsteve:. Don't ask what :kot: plans to do with those pictures.
By the end, you can play with the animation studio as though it were a TGS comic in s1e1 or s1e2. You can also play dodgeball and something that :sm: calls "SPORT!". You can also wake :sb: up and play the previous episodes with realistic graphics(hence the reason you would need to buy the entire season).

Author:  TwiceStyle [ Wed May 04, 2011 11:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Season 2...

Just awesome. Just awesome. Great ideas!

Author:  likalaruku [ Sun May 08, 2011 8:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Season 2...

Almost every Pre-Telltale Point & Click game I've ever played involves death. The most notorious might be the infernal Kings' Quest series; you will die so many times.

Author:  macisbetter [ Sat May 14, 2011 6:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Season 2...

likalaruku wrote:
Almost every Pre-Telltale Point & Click game I've ever played involves death. The most notorious might be the infernal Kings' Quest series; you will die so many times.

Isn't King's Quest more of a "move and type" type of game? It looks like Peasant's Quest was a parody of it. Based on the description in Wikipedia, I'd classify them as graphic adventure with text as input, whereas a point-and-click involves pointing and clicking.

Death doesn't seem to be TTG's or TBC's style. It would be great if you could die, but :sb: already said that he would never die. I guess it would be okay if you were to play as :sad: or :marzi: or :kot: or even :coachz: instead of :sb: but I doubt that would happen :rolleyes: .
Strong Bad said, not wrote:
You don't know it yet, but I'm the reason you're here.

Homestar SAID(ignore the wrote part) wrote:
It's true.

I guess you could die and come back as a zombie... except that idea has already been implemented in a previous TellTale game... TWICE. If you DO die, as in "can't do anything anymore because your playable character's body is dead like in King's Quest or Peasant's Quest", a re-spawn point would be required. Or I guess it could be implemented like in "Tomb of Sammun-mak" and respawn just before the action.

But enough about death. Here are other ideas for season 2:
All episodes released at the same time, and progress in episode x affecting gameplay in previous episodes.
Alternative Endings leading to a tree of episodes rather than a line of episodes, but every "path" ending the same way.
A continuation of 8-bit is enough, as described earlier.
Anything that has to do with the mysteries of the H*R universe.

I'll admit, most of these ideas are unlikely, and the last one is impossible.

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