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Fan Costumes 2018
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Author:  TheTinyGiant [ Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:36 am ]
Post subject:  Fan Costumes 2018


Fairly average (which is good) fanstumes episode, 4 out of 5. The 2017 version is what I'd call 5/5, I thought that one was spectacular.

I wonder if the Space Program people are the same ones who did the wrestling re-enactment, or the siblings who did the Strong Sad/Marzipan resurrecting Credenza scene. Either way it's kinda cool seeing the results and the effort.

A little surprised no one has (that we know of) replicated Strong Bad's A+ #1 All-Pro Panache boxing gloves, still Everlasts.

:cheat: I thought The Cheat had fur/hair rather than a "pelt", though I guess both might be possible. He got shaved and his hair put into Strong Bad's homemade ice cream.

I quite thought the Vector Strong Bad and Bubs/Original Bubs ones were good.

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