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Halloween 2019 Teaser
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Author:  Gfdgsgxgzgdrc [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Halloween 2019 Teaser

No one visits this forum anymore, but I might as well start this thread just in case. Seems like this is setting up a storybook-themed Halloween toon, which is cool. Can you guess the 'stumes?

Author:  ZootyCutie [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Halloween 2019 Teaser

I mentioned this one on Reddit, but I keep feeling like Strong Sad might be Paddington.

And then Homestar is Snufkin from Moomin, as multiple people on multiple places have said.

Author:  GreenEggsAndHamlet [ Wed Oct 23, 2019 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Halloween 2019 Teaser

I'll second Homestar as Snufkin, and I also saw lots of people on Twitter saying Pom Pom is Burt the Bashful, but other than that I'm stumped on the rest.

As far as the rest go:

Poopsmith has on sunglasses and appears to have a gun holster, other than that there's nothing there

KOT has some kind of tall, pointy cowboy hat-type-deal.

Strong Bad is the Thing headcrab, but as always the real costume is a mystery

Strong Sad has pointy things on either side of his face -- brim of a hat? pointy ears? tusks? something else entirely? -- and also a jacket. Or, it could be some kind of vampire cape, with the pointy bits as a collar and the flat ends as the bottom of the cape behind him

Marzipan has a fuzzy square hat and matching ruffles on her shoulders and the bottom of her dress, and what looks like a hairdo with a bun right under the hat and some long strands of hair pointing straight out -- but it also kind of looks like a bagpipe to me for some reason

Strong Mad is Strong Mad, but no eyebrows. Hard to figure him out as always

The Cheat has a little thing on his heat sticking out a little bit on either side of his tuft, is sticking his arms out in what looks like a disco pose? Also, his front leg is squared off

Bubs has several tufts of hair (maybe in ponytails?) sticking out around his head, and maybe also one as a mustache. He also has rolled-up pant cuffs and sleeves, and some kind of raised collar

Coach Z has a tied bandana/do-rag, dangling earrings, a long dress-type-outfit, and is holding a rolling pin

Homsar has a very solid hairline, or maybe a rounded hat, and a little pointy thing on the back of his head.

Aside from those observations though, I got nothing for what they actually mean. Very excited to see what the actual costumes are!

Author:  TheTinyGiant [ Wed Oct 23, 2019 3:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Halloween 2019 Teaser

Well looky what I found, a thread with three replies including this one! I do sneak by here periodically to see whether anyone has put up anything new. I tend to have a lot of the last replies from the main forum page, so I back off a bit otherwise it'll look even more dead.

I'm guessing Pom Pom is some sort of snowglobe, like in a lamp.

With the hat, KOT reminds me simply of Perducci. That'd actually be kind of cool to see someone dress up as an in-universe character for once (especially as themself), notwithstanding the time Strong Bad was Homestar as Angus Young. Maybe The Cheat as one of the Commandoes.

As always (if anyone remembers, but I tend to vent my frustration) I'm culturally impaired and really have no chance at guessing these!

"Said Pac-man with an underbite sitting on some kind of lamp, or maybe an...end table?"
That reminds me of one of my favorite lines, it's in "big white face" where Strong bad describes "[Marzipan's] head is more like... a baseball bat." Every time I encounter a baseball bat, that quote comes to mind.

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