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 Post subject: Elemant Character
PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:45 am 
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Joined: Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:23 am
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Location: Not in Strong Badia
:hr: Ice
:sb: Fire
:pom: Water
:cheat: Electricity
:bubs: Earth
:marzi: Psycho
:sad: Dark
:sm: Steel
:coachz: Air
:poop: Poison
:kot: Light
:homsar: Unknown

:hr: This strong bad not for your kind.
:sb: Why?
:hr: Get out!

 Post subject: Re: Elemant Character
PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:53 am 
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Ooh, is this like Pokemon? I luuuurves me some Pokemon.
(Secretly Pokemon's the only elemental structure I can understand.)

HR: Normal type! Well, if we're going for actual cool-sounding types, ice is pretty awesome. But then, I'd have to stick with flying; he's the fastest, after all. :p
SB: Mmm, fighting? No, Strong Mad would be fighting. Perhaps ice, the more I think about it. Ice/fighting?
SS: Water, or psychic maybe. Dark sounds too 'evil' for the guy that's getting continually beaten up.
SM: Fighting, but I do like steel. It's unorthodox and fits basically perfectly. Rock, ground etc. are also viable.
TC: Dark, I should think. In a down-low, adorable-orphan-steals-all-your-money kind of way.
Marzi: Grass, duh! :-D
Bubs: Fire? Fire/ground maybe, since one type alone doesn't seem to fit him. Man fire/ground is a terrible combination.
CZ: As the guy who fufils the least expectations, normal is pretty much the only option.
KOT: Normal sounds about right, too, since all I can think of is Snorlax. But maybe he is secretly steel type. That's the typing of his stomach.
Psmith: MAN, I DUNNO. Poison, yeah, I guess.
'Pom: Haha, water is a pretty good one. Alternatively, flying. But I think I like water more.
Homsar: Dragon, clearly, the only type worthy of his majesty. Dragon/psychic.

In conclusion I spent way too much time on this

"Hey, great! It's like I'm wading through pudding with every step! And everyone knows how much the Homestar Runner loves wading through pudding."

Huge props to Micheal for the sweet avatar! B-)

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