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Do we really need to know?
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Author:  hsr4ever85 [ Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Do we really need to know?

I mean think about it. Lots of people talk about the Strong parents - what on Earth they could have looked like to produce three such different sons, their names, where they are.....but do we really want or need to know? And what about what's under the infamous mask - human flesh, muscle tissue, blue hair - but do we really want the answer? Or whether Homestar wears pants - yes, they're just skintight, no, it's his skin - do we really want the mystery unraveled? On a related note, does Coach Z wear a bodysuit, or is that his real skin? Does he wear a mask? Are those Strong Sad's real feet? What caused Strong Bad to turn against his brother so suddenly? So many questions...and we have none of the answers. Yet, do we really want those answers? I mean, think about it. No, seriously, sit there and think about it for a second. Do you really, honestly, truly want to know? I mean, honestly, where's the fun in that? Once we know the truth, there's no going back. No more theories or pictures or any of that stuff. Once we know.....we know. That's it. So think about it. Who actually must know that information? I personally think it's much more fun to just sit here and type out theories and stories and whatnot about all of these controversies - so what do you think? Do you really want to know?

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