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Wayback Machine & wiki dates.
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Author:  likalaruku [ Sun May 11, 2014 5:38 am ]
Post subject:  Wayback Machine & wiki dates.

Never registered for the Wiki itself, just the forum. Since you have to email to register & I'm unsure if any of the staff are still kicking around, I'm just going to post this here.

Source: Wayback Machine. Note that there's still no guarantee of accuracy, as loading pages in 2000-2002 quite often load a flash file with 2003 written right on the main page.

Main page 1: January 24th, 2001.
Main page 2: May 10th, 2000.
Main page 3: June 9th, 2000.
Main page 4: May 11th, 2000.
Main page 5: January 4th, 2001.
Main page 6: January 24th, 2001.
Oldest toons menu: May 23ed, 2003.
Original games menu: October 10, 2002.
Old characters page: October 10, 2002.
Downloads: March 31st, 2001.
Flash store: March 31st 2001.
Flash store order form: January 24, 2002.
Museum: January 25th, 2001.
Sketchbook (museum): June 27th, 2001.
Fan stuff: June 30th, 2002.
Ice cream: June 27th, 2001.
Old flash stuff: December 27th, 2001.
Old intro 2: May 10th, 2000.
In search of the Yello Dello (old version): May 11th, 2000.
Lava lamp toons menu: (Can't find).
The reddest radish: January 24th, 2001.
Character cards: (I have no original link to work with).
Fortune cookies: January 23ed, 2001.
Homestar Talker: January 24th, 2001.
Strong Bad main page: January 24th, 2001.
Bronco Trolleys: October 27th, 2000.
Hairstyle Runner: January 24th, 2001.
Astro Lite: March 6th, 2002.
Astro Lite v2: August 5th, 2003.
Dancing Bubs: January 24th, 2001.
A jumping jack contest: March 8th, 2001.
Telebision toons menu: October 29th, 2000.
Chinese food toons menu: March 31st, 2001.
2ed games menu: October 29th, 2000.
3ed games menu: January 24th, 2001.
Strong Libs: January 24th, 2001.
Theme song video: January 24th, 2001.
Flag intro: (Can't find)
Strong Bad sings: January 24th, 2001.
Marzipan's answering machine v1.0: May 9th, 2001.

Original link for removed Jumping Jack Contest cartoon:

Telebision menu link: ... toons.html

Chinese menu link: ... toons.html

Image for 3ed games menu, not on wiki:

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